Deserter: Bowe Bergdahl Charged with Desertion and “Misbehavior Before the Enemy” (Video)

The Imperial President traded five of the most dangerous men in Gitmo for this guy.

Think about that when you consider he’s now negotiating with Iran:

CBS News reports Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion.

“Sgt. […]

Cornell Good With Students Starting Pro-ISIS Club, Bringing in Trainer for ISIS Camp (Video)

Welcome to the Ivy League, where those who perform mass beheadings, set people on fire and crucify children are welcome on campus.

In fact, you could probably get a grant for bringing in an ISIS terrorist […]

The Paradigm Shift: Price Controls and The Minimum Wage, But I Repeat Myself

Concealed Carry Permit Holder Keeps Knife Wielding Man On Ground Until Cops Arrive

Welcome to Utah. Oh, you brought a knife.

Bless your heart:

“I was just in my car on North Temple, I saw a guy pull a knife on another guy, a fight ensued, the guy with […]

What is an “American Hero”

Hello, my fellow Americans. It has been quite a while since I’ve last spoken with you. However, today  brings up many concerns. I am not sure if anyone has heard of a movie called “American […]

Why Should America Have to Pay for My Mistakes? Thoughts of a Broke, Single Parent

I tried my hardest to watch last nights State of the Union address but I could only stomach about 15 minutes of it. The little bit I did happen to catch consisted of him talking […]

You Can’t Win As a Minority Conservative: Part 1- You’re Not Black Enough

I spent last weekend being wined and dined by a guy that pretty much fit all of my criteria which isn’t easy. He was a Christian,  intelligent, funny, chivalrous, tall, no baby mamas, had a good […]

Bev Randles Announces a Bid for Missouri Lt. Governor

This past Monday, much to the surprise of many Missouri conservatives and Republicans, Beverly Randles announced an exploratory committee for a possible bid for the Lieutenant Governor race in 2016.  Randles, whose husband Bill Randles ran […]

Where does indoctrination end and personal responsibility begin?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched my country being torn apart by racial tension. The grand juries in both the Mike Brown and Eric Gardner cases decided against indicting the police officers responsible for […]

While Everyone’s Talking About Immigration, Obama Releases Five More From Gitmo

Probably just a coincidence this happened today, and by “coincidence,” I mean this was totally planned:

The Obama administration has released five Guantanamo Bay prisoners after an administration task force determined they no longer posed a […]