Perfect: Sec. of State John Kerry Says New Iraqi Government Key to Defeating ISIS

Remember when we were facing down the Soviet Bear and the press asked then President Ronald Reagan how we would defeat the communist empire, and he replied, “The cornerstore to beating the commies is the government in Moldova.”

Yeah, me neither. Reagan said, “We win. They lose.”

He didn’t rely on someone else to do the fighting for America.

Unlike someone […]


A Quirky Product Review: Bevel – “Mixing Bowl with an Edge”

“Luther Vandross once sang, “There’s nothing better than love…”  But he was dead wrong: Bevel is way better than love.  With an integrated scraper at the top of the handle, you’ll be able to use this semi-flexible material to scrape off excess ingredients from your spoon while mixing your favorite batters.  Brownies will never be the same, as the curved […]