The Black (Conservative) Experience in America

Almost 2 weeks after unarmed black teen, Mike Brown was gunned down by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, a rally was held to raise money and show support for Officer Wilson. All of the rally attendees had one noticeable thing in common-they were all white except one.

Former Congressional candidate, Martin D. Baker was the only black person in attendance. Little […]


A Quirky Product Review: Bevel – “Mixing Bowl with an Edge”

“Luther Vandross once sang, “There’s nothing better than love…”  But he was dead wrong: Bevel is way better than love.  With an integrated scraper at the top of the handle, you’ll be able to use this semi-flexible material to scrape off excess ingredients from your spoon while mixing your favorite batters.  Brownies will never be the same, as the curved […]