Last night when the vote finally came down, I was laid low. Not by the vote, but by a flu bug that I had watched travel from kid to kid in my house until it finally started in on my ample stomach.

It was about as much fun as it sounds.

But because of that, I was laying in my bed, in between sprints to the toilet, and not sitting at the computer writing about the damage these Obama Democrats were doing to the health care system.

So when I woke today, feeling a little better, I thought the least I could do would be to put together a blog round up of what everyone else wrote.

So here it is:

Red State – Repeal the Bill. No Deals. No Fixes. No Compromise.

Gay Patriot – Obamacare passed, now AP says, Obama Must Sell it, Huh?

Hot Air’s Green Room – What Freedom Demands

Say Anything – Earl Pomeroy’s Brilliantly Subtle Cowardice

Senatus – Obama Expected to Sign Health Bill on Tuesday

Right Wing News – Poll: Will Health Care Reform Be Repealed


Neal’s Nuze – Game Over – Let Me Tell You What Happens Next

Neal’s Nuze – An America with ObamaCare

Riehl World View – A Big Victory for Students?

The Patriot Room – Health Care: What we learned

California Conservative – Judas Stupak: Liar (Video)

Stop the ACLU – So, Obasocialist Care Passed. What Next?

Caffeinated Thoughts – Funk: ObamaCare is Unconstitutional

Gateway Pundit: Phyllis Schlafly: Obamacare Exposed the Myth- “You Cannot Be Democrat & Pro-Life”

Holy Coast – Health Care Video of the Day

Don Surber – $1 trillion in taxes and health care cuts

Riehl World View – Americans Will Sue, Vote And Fight For Freedom Before It’s Lost

This Ain’t Hell, But You Can See It From Here – Healthcare bill screws veterans

Hot Air – Video: “Hell, no, you can’t!”

Sweetness & Light – The Special Interests Who Won Tonight

Pajamas Media – ObamaCare: The Coming Battles

Michelle Malkin – The gloater-in-chief: “Another stone laid in the foundation of the American dream;” Pelosi jokes: “No money exchanged hands (laughter);” Slaughter: “There is nothing now that we can’t tackle”

Michelle Malkin – Attorneys general launch lawsuit backlash against Demcare

Gates of Vienna – The End of the Beginning

Coyote Blog – Getting Ready for the New Health Care Regime

WizBang! – Wow, I feel a trillion dollars in debt already

Ace of Spades HQ – Hope it was worth it, Bart

Kim Priestap – Democrats pass ObamaCare by three votes

Right Wing & Right Minded – Screwed By The Government

Moonbattery – The Day America’s Healthcare Died

Right Wing News – Health Care Reform: We Lost. Now What?

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