five feet of fury – Come and Get Me, You Fairies!

Moonbattery – When They Said HCR Was a Jobs Bill…(They Must Have Left Out the Word “Destroy”)

American Thinker Blog – Obamacare: Running the Numbers

Gateway Pundit – Another Crushing Blow to the Economy: ObamaCare will Cost US Corporations Billions

Dodgeblogium – Da Nuge on ObamaCare

Weasel Zippers – AT&T to Book $1 Billion in First Quarter Costs Because of ObamaCare

Hot Air – Another Obama TSA Nomination Collapses

Michelle Malkin – My Own Earth Hour

stormin’s morning java – North Korea Reminds You To Celebrate Earth Hour

American Thinker Blog – Turn on Your LIghts and Celebreate “Human Achievement Hour”

Big Government – Was Coffingate a Fundraising Stunt?

American Thinker Blog – Pelosi’s Curious Reading of our Declaration of Independence

Barking Moonbat Early Warning System – Naval Battle Between the UAE and Saudi Arabia Raises Fears for Gulf Security

Yourish – Why No Israeli Ships Are Hijacked by Pirates

Newsbusters – Lib Talker Malloy Calls for Deaths of Limbaugh, Beck and O’Reilly

Instapundit – Hmmm- “People who know Paul Ryan say he will be president one day…”

Outside the Beltway – Police Tasering Pregnant Woman “Justified”

Riehl World View – Student Loan Fees to Fund ObamaCare

Overlawyered – Australian Government to U.S.-based Website: Remove that Hate Speech or Face Prosecution

Hot Air – Stuporked?

LibNOT – Quote for Today: Greg Gurfeld Writing About Health-care and American Anger

doubleplusundead – “It’s almost too much for parents to have to compete with that”

GayPatriot – Why I’m Optimistic about the (Ultimate) Demise of ObamaCare

Founding Bloggers – Pictures from Searchlight Nevada – Tea Party Express Kickoff

Pajamas Media – Should Grandma Get Divorced? ObamaCare Says So

Right Wing News – I’ll Gladly Take the Constitution Over Precedent

Gateway Pundit – Total Devastation…Obama Will Force US Debt to Soar to 90% of GDP

Power Line Blog -Israel is Alone, But Does Netanyahu Realize It?

Infidels are Cool – National Security Force Provisions Contained in ObamaCare

The Jawa Report – Chicago Man Funded al Qaeda, Planned Stadium Attacks

The Sundries Shack – I’m a Rotten Right Wing, Violence Monger

This is close enough to Soundgarden for me…and I really like this song:

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