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Over the past two days, I have been able to take a few pictures.  Some of them are from Day One, more are from Day Two.

Early in the first day, a bunch of us made our way over to Capitol Hill.  Seems they are doing some work there.  Construction work, that is.  Most of the Congress critters are away, which is good for America.

The reason we were on the Hill is to participate in a discussion on how to improve communications between Republicans on Capitol Hill and bloggers.  The panel, moderated by Ericka Andersen, featured Melissa Clouthier, Dan Riehl and Tabitha Hale.

Da Tech Guy was there, camera in hand.  Yesterday I linked to two of his picture dumps.

There was a small reception Thursday evening and then dinner.  Da Tech Guy took some good pics of the reception.  Really, click the link and check them out.

The next day was the conference proper and the break out sessions. Here’s a pic of my setup.  I was pretty much at the front table, sitting next to…

Skye from Midnight Blue.  She was kind enough to start and stop my Flip when I had to leave the table and find an outlet for my laptop.  Very cool lady.

The guys from PJTV did a live Trifecta for the crowd, which Steve Green, the Vodkapundit passed out during.  Scott Ott and Bill Whittle had to carry the remainder of the show.

I posted John Hawkins speech here and Jim Hoft’s speech here.

Stephen Kruiser and Melissa Clouthier shared the stage during a break out session on Twitter.

Later we headed over to the Newseum and watched a debate between some libs and Jim Geraghty and Erick Erickson, who is right behind Clyde Middleton.  Trust me, he’s there.

Sitting right behind me at the debate was Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit.  He lit up a Think Progress lib over a video Think Progress produced that slanders the Tea Party members as racists.

After that, we went to the FreedomWorks offices for some barbecue.

Shane Vanderhart lives a mere three hours away from me and we had to travel to DC to finally meet.

Nice Deb made an appearance as well, and photobombing this pic is Cynthia Yockey.

In between antagonizing Tabitha Hale and smoking cigarettes, Stacy McCain had time to stop and take a picture with me.

From right to left, sitting is John Sexton of Verum Serum (there’s a better picture of him later), John Schulenburg from Infidels are Cool, Smitty from The Other McCain and Nice Deb.

Here’s a shot from the balcony of the offices FreedomWorks will soon be vacating, where I ran into…

FreedomWorks CEO and President, Matt Kibbe.

After the shindig at FreedomWorks, we all headed out to The Rocket Bar, where I finally got a picture with…

John Hawkins of Right Wing News.

I did my best to motivate Steve Eggleston of No Runny Eggs to release the lion pent up inside him.  By the time I left, he was still repressing his inner party animal.

I also ran into the Internet’s Warner Todd Huston and John Schulenburg.

Here’s that picture of John Sexton I mentioned above.  If you have not been going to Verum Serum, you are missing out of some grade A blogging.

Cheryl Prater was running around, tweeting like crazy.  You can follow her Twitter stream here.

The calmness of the evening was interrupted briefly when Glen Asbury challenged Exurban Jon to a rap battle.  It was AWESOME!

Caleb Howe of Red State was not driving, but he passed the breathalyzer test regardless…

no, not really.

Finally, right before I went back to the hotel, I saw some of our female friends mugging for the camera and said to Stephen Kruiser, “You know, that’s a picture begging to be photobombed.”

He picked up his camera and said, “Go get em!”


Tomorrow should be a busy day, and I expect to be uploading quite a bit as it happens.  FreedomWorks is taking great care of us bloggers and word is this is going to be happening next year also.

It’s encouraging to know that someone is Washington understands and appreciates the efforts the right online puts out there for next to nothing.  Thanks to Matt Kibbe and Tabitha Hale for making this event happen.

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