1. Saul R.

    Duane, this is without a doubt, your hardest hitting, most sobering piece to date. It definitly speaks to all levels of society and feels like a call to action. Thanks for your contribution to our great nation and the new media.

  2. Saul

    Those silly glasses- they keep falling off every time I take a terrible spill and tumble down my stairs. Oh, my, G-D! I think I broke something! It Hurts! The glass from the broken lenses has gone into my bare feet again! I’m gonna sue you! I hate that!

  3. Evilmomlady2003

    Wow, what an incredible and eye opening video. It just goes to show you how really out of touch the Democrats are with this issue in particular. The problem that I have with the liberals is that they are so D*&%# inconsistent. Where are the feminists screaming about the treatment of these vulnerable women as they are raped when they cross the border? I know, they’re the same ones that talk about those peaceful Muslims while women are buried up to their waist and stoned to death for leaving an abusive husband or hung at the age of 16 because they were raped. Speak up N.O.W. you hypocrites!!!

  4. This is a very powerful, persuasive video. It brings the issue of the illegal immigration invasion home, to see personal tragedies to Americans we can relate to – who are like us.

    And the Lib/Dems bring in the clowns.

    Great job.

    I saw your video featured on vdare.com – one my favorite web sites.

    Keep the faith for our troubled nation.

    Jack in Hyde Park Chicago
    Not a stronghold of the GOP
    Obama was my neighbor, State Senator just a few years back
    He couldn’t fix my neighborhood potholes then or now.

  5. It’s not about consistency. It’s about furthering the agenda. They don’t have to support our women, because it isn’t about women. It’s about liberalism.

    And thanks for the compliment.

  6. Concerned Citizen

    I’ve seen estimates that 3,000 foreigners illegally enter our country daily, and until America changes the policies that encourage them (government handouts and lawsuits against overwhelmed state and local government trying to enforce our laws), the problem will only get worse.


  7. Anonymous

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