Don’t Hit My Tip Jar, Hit Jimmie Bise’s


Jimmie Bise is more than a great blogger. He’s my friend.

I was reading Jimmie before I met him. I remember the first time I “talked” to him. He won a copy of Grover Norquist’s book in my first “All American Christmas Contest.”

I remember sending him a direct tweet that said something like, “Holy cow. I didn’t know you wrote The Sundries Shack. I love that blog.”

Jimmie has upped his game since then and now not only does his blog, but has a fantastic podcast and a video podcast.

And, he’s a solid guy. One of the better guys I have ever met, to be honest.

And now he’s in a pinch:

My faithful Ford broke down yesterday on the way home from work. The hope at the time was that repairing it would be a relatively simple affair that wouldn’t cost very much. This morning, that’s not at all the case. The problem is inside the motor, which means a few days of repair and at least a thousand dollar bill. At least. The worst case is that I’m looking at a new engine which will clock in somewhere around two grand plus the cost of renting a car for up to ten days.

I simply don’t have that much money, even if I drain my bank account and run my emergency credit card to the max. I am, still, a pretty low-level public employee, one who hasn’t quite seen the great benefits that most of the rest of the public sector have seen lately. I have built up reserves, but not enough to cover this.

So I’m turning to you guys, the great Army of Davids, for a hand.

He needs a little jack from each of us. Now, to tell you the truth, I can’t give him anything right now. But when I get paid, I plan on throwing him a little scratch. It won’t be much, because as my Facebook friends know, my Family Truckster recently took a dive on my wife up in Iowa.

But I’ll give him something. All I ask is, if you can, help a brother out. After all, it’s right before Christmas.

Throw Jimmie some love!

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