As you readers can see by the widget at the top of the sidebar, I am once again blogging with my hand out so I can get to CPAC in February. I call it begging, but in reality, I’m asking for donations for the writing I post here. Beggars usually don’t do anything for their money but stand with a sign.

Here, you get these fabulous links!

So, if you can spare a buck or two and want to help this right wing political terrorist/citizen journalist get to CPAC 2011, drop me a little loot in the ChipIn widget.

This week’s theme is songs about money. Enjoy:

Jihad Watch: Does the Baltimore Sun believe Muhammad was a prophet?

theblogprof: Video – New Rule for Overtime in NFL Playoffs – First OT Score Will Not Necessarily Win Game

Doug Ross: CBO – Repealing Obamacare would slash the budget, save seniors’ lives and resurrect Elvis. Not necessarily in that order.

Hot Air: Harry Reid – The Tea Party will disappear as soon as the economy recovers

Pirate’s Cove: GOP Introduces Bill to Repeal Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

Hot Air: Quotes of the Day

Moonbattery: Best of Left Wing Hate from 2010

Gateway Pundit: Paul Ryan – By 2012 GOP Needs to Show Voters a Difference Between “Debt Ruin” & “Exceptionalism” (Video)

Doug Ross: Curious, yet entertaining – President Obama claims credit for disastrous unemployment report

Blue Star Chronicles: Nancy Pelosi – Bush Caused Us to Lose Election

Right Wing News: Audio – Rosie O’Donnell gets her eyes opened when a Canadian calls in who is on a 7-year wait list for surgery

Power Line: No More Czars

Michelle Malkin: State Department Finds Terms ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ So 20th Century

Flopping Aces: A Movie with True Grit (Click to see their new design)

Wizbang: Verizon iPhone 4 to Launch Next Week

American Elephants: I think I could watch this all day long

Gateway Pundit: One Person Ecited about 75% Tax Increase in Illinois…Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Right Wing News: The 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes of 2010

The Jawa Report: JihadTube Jihadis Calling Out for More Muslimah” Splodey Ho’s

The Other McCain: The Blog Post in Which I, Stacy McCain, Defend Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller

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