The First Dude had been acting as Gov. Sarah Palin’s Chief of Staff, but now there’s a new person filling that slot.

Over the weekend, SarahPAC filled the chief of staff role on Sarah Palin’s team. Her husband, Todd, had been functioning in the role, but now Michael Glassner, a former Bob Dole adviser, veteran Republican operative, and most recently a staffer on Palin’s vice-presidential campaign, has been added to the small organization, a move first reported by CNN. Glassner worked as director of operations for the campaign and has the experience to streamline a team whose staffers and consultants are all over the country and the world (consultant Joshua Livestro lives in London).

This isn’t the first time Glassner has been tapped as chief of staff for Palin. He was originally chosen to be the traveling chief of staff in the very first days of Palin’s addition to the 2008 campaign, but was quickly replaced with an old friend of chief strategist Steve Schmidt, Andrew Smith. During the campaign, Smith was often blamed for the chaos and tension on the road, and staffers would at times mention that Glassner would have been the better choice. Also during the campaign, Glassner would talk to Todd Palin and complain about campaign leadership, which endeared him to the Palins, and sparked a friendship.

And if you remember the kerfuffle over Palin’s clothing expenditures during the campaign, know this:  It was Glassner that approved the money and young staffers that bought the clothes.

But Palin got the blame.

Some things never change.

This move could be a sign that the Palin camp is looking to switch gears from a endorsement machine to a campaign engine.

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