The corrupt main stream media, the unions, and President Barack Obama are fighting their Waterloo. The voters have had enough of bloated out of control government. The private sector struggles with unemployment and a stagnant economy, while the public sector grows and out earns them while they have to pay for it. The union thugs take to the streets, shut down schools, take students out of the classroom to protest with their union teachers, while Democrat lawmakers flee the state instead of doing their job. Is this Greece? No, it is Madison, Wisconsin.

Let’s start with the mainstream media. A tragedy occurs in Tucson, Arizona and somehow it is harsh rhetoric on the part of the right that caused it. That was a lie. They knew it. They didn’t care. Many of those stations have a broadcast license from the government and the don’t blanche at lying with impunity. A left wing rally protests outside of a private conservative meeting and out of a crowd of about a thousand, twenty-five are arrested. In Madison, Wisconsin, more arrests are made. Signs portraying the governor as Hitler, a sign with a cross hairs on the governors face, protesters gathering at the private home of the governor and legislators and where is the outrage on the main stream media? You can hear a pin drop.

The unions got together with the Democrats to kick the protests into high gear.

Organizing for America, which is run in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee, was helping mobilize protesters on Thursday through its blog and Twitter updates that included a “call to action” to phone state senators.

This is the crux of the problem. Public sector unions are in a symbiotic relationship with the Democratic party. They take union dues from Democratics, Republicans, Independents and even unregistered voters and use part of that money to elect Democrats. Those elected officials will then negotiate public sector contracts with the unions giving away the store. The officials only have to make sure that they are no longer in office when the bill comes due. By then they will be retired in Florida with their own fat pension and living in a state with no income tax.

President Obama, who can’t get his own budgetary house in order, weighs in on another non-federal matter. In the past he has injected himself in a local police matter in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s time the president started focusing on being the president and instead of worrying how Wisconsin is dealing with their budget mess, to clean up his own.

The same teachers who tell us time and again in their paid advertisements that it is all about the children, wasted no time abandoning those children, forcing some schools to close, by lying to their school districts by calling in sick, so they could go to the state capital and protest. Some of them went even further and brought their students with them to use as pawns for their own greed. This clip shows some of these students and they have no idea why they are there and what they are protesting for. It is just a day out of the classroom.

The unions offer no solutions for closing a $3 billion budget gap other than the same tired bromide to go find that rich guy somewhere who isn’t being taxed enough, and make him pay for their union’s greed. Everyone else can struggle, everyone else can pay for the public employees, but don’t touch what the public sector unions have extracted from their political beneficiaries.

Meanwhile the Democratic members of the Wisconsin state senate are in hiding in Illinois. Profiles in courage this is not. But like Waterloo this is a battle. Reinforcements are on the way. There is a rally in support of the governor on Saturday. Go to Freedom Connect for details. Andrew Breitbart has also said he will attend. It’s always fun when Andrew goes to a left wing protests and asks the protestors what they are doing and getting blank stares as their frantically look around for some organizer to tell them what to say.

Originally posted at Liberty’s Lifeline.

Bill O’Connell lives in New York and is the author of Liberty’s Lifeline blog.  Feel free to follow him on Twitter

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