These are the show notes for the podcast:

Wikipedia – Bizarro Superman

All American Blogger – Obama’s Bizarro Foreign Policy

All American Blogger – Further Evidence of Bizarro’s Influence on the Obama Administration

All American Blogger – While The ATF Is Allowing Guns Across The Border, The Border Patrol Is Guarding It With Beanbags

U.S. Embassy for Mexico: Project Gunrunner

CNN: Senator – Did ATF Unwittingly Help Border Patrol Agent’s Killers?

Confederate Yankee: KA-BOOM: “Ninety-Percent” Lie Goes Up in Smoke

Armed Females of America: You and I Can’t Buy the Guns Mexican Cartels Own

Flopping Aces: Is ATF gun-running operation a ploy to demonize U.S. gun rights? [Reader Post]

Tabitha Hale at Big Hollywood: ‘Atlas Shrugged Part 1′ Review: Relevant and Timeless

All American Blogger: Despite Protests, Navy To Name Marine Carrier The “USS John Murtha”

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