The Right Scoop: Shock! Most CBC conference attendees believe Tea Party is racist

Hot Air: Netanyahu at the UN: This building is a house of lies

Gateway Pundit: WINDFALL PROFITS… Obama Supporter Who Was Awarded $107 Million For Windfarm Will Hold $25,000-Per-Person Fundraiser for President

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The Other McCain: OMG! Hollywood Liberal to Bristol Palin: ‘Your Mother’s a Whore. She’s the Devil.’ UPDATE: Gay Trig-Truther Loves Levi

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Snowflakes in Hell: Are You a Presbyterian?

Flopping Aces: Why Were Infrastructure Improvements Not Paid For By The Last Stimulus? [Reader Post]

Doug Ross: Health care premiums to leap as much as 85% in Ohio; HHS response: spend $100MM investigating insurers

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Don Surber: 56% say Obama is as good as or worse than Bush

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Michelle Malkin: Blocked by Alec Baldwin; Plus: Laughing at liberal hate

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