I’m writing this in the press row at the National Federation of Republican Women’s 36th Annual Convention, so I’m not going to add videos right now. I’ll add them later.

Turns out, this post required a little more assembly than usual.

Enjoy the links:

The Sundries Shack: “Knock Knock.” “Who’s There?” “Anwar al-Awlaki.” “Anwar al-Awlaki Wh—BOOM!!”

Conservative Byte: Van Jones Warns America: ‘Hold on to Your Seats’ Because the ‘Progressive Fight Back’ Is Coming in October

The Gateway Pundit: Andrew Breitbart to Trumka and Jimmy Hoffa: “F*ck You!” (Video)

The Right Scoop: Herman Cain on the Tonight Show

Hot Air: Video: Crowder’s TeaCon Midwest set

Jihad Watch: Egypt: Muslim mob storms out of mosque after Friday prayers, torches Coptic church

Scrappleface: ScrappleFace Comes to Video on PJTV

Pajamas Media: Gingrich Offers New ‘Contract with America’

American Thinker: Will Hillary Clinton Challenge Obama Next Year?

Jammie Wearing Fool: Comedy Gold: Wall Street Protesters March on NYPD HQ, But Get Lost Instead

Pirate’s Cove: Team Obama Considers Suing More States Over Illegal Immigration

Weasel Zippers: Iran Now Claiming Christian Pastor Sentenced To Death For Leaving Islam Is a “Zionist,” “Traitor”…

The Other McCain: Santorum Returns to Iowa

Doug Ross: Completely Unrelated Soros / Obama Headlines o’ the Day

The Volokh Conspiracy: The Law of Cyberwar: What FDR, Hitler, and the Blitz Can Teach Us

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