The big news this afternoon is Governor Chris Christie’s endorsement of Gov. Mitt Romney.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will make a surprise appearance Tuesday to endorse Mitt Romney for president, a week after Christie said he had decided not to run.

Christie is planning a joint press conference with the former Massachusetts governor at 3 p.m. in New Hampshire, NBC News has learned.

It’s disappointing, but honestly, who else is this guy going to join?

As Stacy McCain says, “RINOs travel in herds.”

Christie is the same guy who endorsed Mike Castle over Christine O’Donnell.  In other words, this is not the first time Christie has chosen a RINO over a conservative.

And I don’t care what Ann Coulter says, Christie is a RINO. he may not be the biggest RINO in the country, ideologically speaking, but he’s taken too many liberal positions for me to consider him conservative.

He won’t sign on against ObamaCare.

He’s soft on illegal immigration.

He’s very anti-gun.

He’s a NIMBY on off-shore drilling and suggested a fracking ban in his state while wanting to make New Jersey a green energy magnet.

He’s just not that conservative.

And he’s endorsing a guy who many consider to be not that conservative.

Personally, I am not surprised. And I don’t think his endorsement will sway many informed voters.

What do you think?

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