Tomorrow, the official headquarters of Occupy Wall Street is schedule to be cleaned after the protesters have spent the last four weeks squatting on it. The protesters say it’s nothing but an attempt to get them to leave, and they aren’t going anywhere:

Occupy Wall Street spokesperson Tyler Combelic called the clean-up a “not-so-veiled attempt” to push demonstrators out of the area and said people will not leave the park on Friday, according to CNN.

“We have decided that at 7 o’clock tomorrow, we will not leave the park,” he said.

Several protesters told the NY Post and Reuters they would not leave the small privately owned on Friday, with one saying she was “worried there is going to be a riot” if crews enter the park.

There’s too much irony in this for most readers, but since you are All American Readers, I know you can handle it.

First off, here are these environmental, Earth first, tree hugging hippies living one with the planet and this is what they do to a park when given free reign:

If these nature lovers acted more like the Tea Party, whom they pretty much uniformly despise, there wouldn’t need to be an evacuation of the park for a good scrubbing down.

How mush waste have they created there, and I don’t just mean human? Why aren’t they trying to live “green?” These enviro-Marxists have trashed the postage stamp sized speck of real estate they had, bringing down the hammer on themselves.

A hammer in the form of the police, which for some reason, they love to hate. This brings us to our next bit of irony.

The most staunch advocates of a strong central government that controls next to everything is worried about the government trying to trick them and later prevent them for assembling.

How do they think this little stink-fest of theirs would go over in China or North Korea? How about Myanmar?

How can these socialists, when confronted with action by the state against them, not understand that in a country with a strong, central government, the number of oppressive police actions is increases exponentially?

If they think the police in a free country is bad, why would they think a country where the government dictates everything would be a “true democracy?”

It’s too good that a group dedicated to a strong government is being “threatened” by the local police. What even more hilarious is they are being ousted not for protesting, but for destroying a park.

It’s quite astonishing.


MoveOn is pushing the conspiracy theory:

Dear MoveOn member,

At 7 a.m. tomorrow, Mayor Bloomberg is evicting the Occupy Wall Street protesters from their occupation of Zuccotti Park, unless you can help.1

Zuccotti Park is the birthplace of the Occupy protests sweeping the nation and capturing the public’s attention. It’s where a community of committed Americans are standing up against Wall Street and the corporate capture of our democracy for the 99% of us trying to take back the American Dream.

But tomorrow at 7 a.m., under Mayor Bloomberg’s orders, the NYPD is coming to Zuccotti Park to kick the 99% protesters out. It’s being done under the guise of “cleaning” the park, but new rules will mean the end of the occupation.2

We have very little time to act. We need to gather a huge national petition as soon as possible, so we can deliver it to City Hall tonight and have it for the protesters in Zuccotti Park.

So act now. Sign the petition and tell Mayor Bloomberg: “Respect the protesters’ First Amendment rights. Don’t try to evict Occupy Wall Street.”

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