The Cain Train doesn’t seem to be derailed. While some were expecting his rise to be temporary, his poll numbers seems to be steady or rising.

The message is reaching the people.

“Herman Cain’s solutions and ideas are not just for one segment of America but for the benefit of all Americans. Herman’s message of inclusion and his straight forward problem solving approach are attracting many supporters,” said Mark Block, Chief Operating Officer for Friends of Herman Cain.

The Fox News poll has Cain leading Romney by four points:

If he wants to keep or expand that lead, he could do worse than to follow the advice Jimmie Bise offered up in an open letter on his blog:

I know you are a smart man, but you don’t look smart when you get sandbagged by a question the average blogger could have answered at least moderately well. Your poll numbers are still very good, even after a debate performance that should have sunk you, but they won’t stay that way if you have another week like this week. This is where your inner circle can help you immensely. Just spend some time during the day in conversation with them about the news. You don’t have to drill deeply into the issues; table talk along will help give you the basic information you need. Put some of the topics for upcoming interviews on the table and kick them around over dinner. Those talks will help you more than you think, and they’ll help you relax a bit, too.

Sound advice.

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