It’s a difficult read, but two abortion workers from the abortion mill “Dr.” Kermit Gosnell ran have plead guilty to third degree murder.

The next couple paragraphs are grisly.

The grand jury said that a clinic co-worker of Moton’s testified that a woman gave birth to a large baby at the clinic, delivering the child into a toilet. The jurors identified the newborn as “Baby D.”

The jurors said the co-worker told them that the baby was moving and looked like it was swimming.

“Moton reached into the toilet, got the baby out and cut its neck,” the grand jury said in its report.


They did this to hundreds of babies.

You might be wondering how this could happen. Many looked the other way:

*The Pennsylvania Department of Health knew of clinic violations dating back decades, but did nothing;

*The Pennsylvania Department of State was “repeatedly confronted with evidence about Gosnell” – including the clinic’s unclean, unsterile conditions, unlicensed workers, unsupervised sedation, underage abortion patients, and over-prescribing of pain pills with high resale value on the street – “and repeatedly chose to do nothing.”

*Philadelphia Department of Public Health officials who regularly visited Gosnell’s human waste-clogged offices did nothing;

*Nearby hospital officials who treated some of the pregnant mothers who suffered grave complications from Gosnell’s butchery did nothing; and

*The National Abortion Federation, the leading association of abortion providers that is supposed to uphold strict health and legal standards, determined that Gosnell’s chamber of horrors was “the worst abortion clinic she had ever inspected” – but did nothing.

Why would they stay mum? Because they didn’t want to risk the wrath of the pro-abortion advocates, or were so pro-choice they didn’t want to risk bringing negative attention on the massacre. Is there another reason you can think of?

The maximum penalty for third degree murder in Pennsylvania is 40 years. I hope they get a sentence for each baby they found in the “clinic.” And that’s still to kind a sentence.

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