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And now, I give you Tesla:

The Other McCain: Santorum Surge Gets Boost From Endorsements by Anti-Jihad Blogger, Conservative Billionaire and Iowa Secretary of State, But Mainly …

The Sundries Shack:
Stripped-Down Grannies, Curly Bulbs, and What’s Next?

Hot Air: CBS poll: 54% say Obama doesn’t deserve re-election

The Strata-Sphere: Voters Souring On Incompetent Parties

Fausta’s Blog: The exploding towers: Is their Feng Shui off?

Don Surber: Obama lie of the day

Rush Limbaugh: Obama: Unemployment Benefits Will Create More Jobs Than Keystone Pipeline

Classical Liberal: The Peacemaker (Militarization of American Police)

Hot Air: LightSquared disrupts 75% of GPS receivers in gov’t testing

Hot Air: Sending Mixed Messages, Obama’s NLRB Drops Wrongful Prosecution of Boeing

Stop the ACLU: ‘It Is Inappropriate’: Anger After UConn Includes Pledge of Allegiance Before Sports Games

Maggie’s Farm: Honey, would you mind going out and warming up the car?

The Absurd Report: Smart Meters Wreaking Havoc With Home Electronics

Jihad Watch: Muslim Brotherhood: Next legislature will need to review peace treaty with Israel

Left Coast Politics: At Some Point You’ve Been Subsidized Enough

American Thinker: The Case for Ron Paul

Sister Toldjah: It’s official: Congressman Ron Paul makes me sick

Gateway Pundit: Barack Obama: “We’ve Been Spending the Last Three Years” Cleaning Up After Bush (Video)

The Jawa Report: Newt Gingrich Interviewed by Wolf Blitzer

Powerline Blog: That’s A Funny-Looking Maple Leaf!

DBKP: Video of the Day: Issa hammers Holder

Big Government: Why Is the White House Ignoring For-Profit Colleges?

Red State: Are there SECRET Fast & Furious emails from Eric Holder?

Michelle Malkin: Obama: Sure, I’m the Captain of the Ship, But I Can’t Control the Weather

The Other McCain: Death by Penis Enhancement

American Thinker: Climate change…120,000 years ago

Powerline: More Green Energy Fail

Don Surber: Jennifer Aniston the hottest? Don’t make me laugh

Gateway Pundit: Despite Warnings From Pentagon – Obama Gave US Drone to Iranians (Video)

Ace of Spades: A Note About Romney’s “Superior Electabilty”

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