The United States Congress has not passed a budget in the past 1000 days. Why not?

Harry Reid has had better things to do in the DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED Senate:

A commenter on YouTube makes a good point, which I emphasized in all caps above:

Dear Heritage, you need to modify your video by identifying WHO controlled the Senate (every time you say the word, “Senate.” “…the DEMOCRAT controlled Senate….” This is where we lose our message. We assume everybody is informed like us and know who controls the chamber, but people are very misinformed. This video is great, but should point´╗┐ out the GOP took only xx number of days to pass a budget when they took BACK control of the house in 2011. Thanks for reading.


Speaker John Boehner put out a video about the 1000 day mark also:

Not to be left out, the guys at Misfit Politics made this little soon to be Top Ten hit:

Misfit Politics- 1000 Days (Without Passing a Budget) by Just as Good as Ezra

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