One of the most disliked Republicans by Republicans is Sen. Olympia Snowe from Maine. Time and time again she has voted to the left of the party, sometimes to the left of many Democrats.

This video shows how much of a tool she is for the liberal agenda:

Here’s a press release from the makers of the video:

MAINE – Conservative group ‘Conservative Friends of Dodge’ have released another online viral video entitled, “Senator Olympia Snowe – Obamacare’s Republican Advocate”.

The video notes President Obama’s ‘special tribute’ to Maine Senator Olympia Snowe in helping to pass the Obamacare bill out of committee and into Congress. The video also attacks Senator Snowe on her record of supporting TARP, Wall Street bailouts and being a ‘big government’ advocate.

A spokesperson for the group said: “When the voters of Maine take a long, hard look at Olympia Snowe’s record, there’s no way they’ll be ticking the box with her name on election day. The fact is Maine needs a real conservative candidate. We are delighted to support the transparent and consistently libertarian conservative – Andrew Ian Dodge.”

The video also renames Obamacare, ‘SnObamacare’ in a parody of the ‘Romneycare’ moniker given to Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health reforms.

They are backing Andrew Ian Dodge for the candidacy. Dodge is well known on the Tea Party circuit in Maine and would be a far more conservative choice for Maine. It amazes me that Snowe is even considered when you look at her record.

I interviewed Dodge at CPAC last year:

If you are from Maine, help me understand why Snowe is still even an option. Please, because I’m at a loss on this one.

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