Yesterday on Fox New Sunday, Rep. Paul Ryan laid out Obama with a verbal one-two punch:

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‘The irony of this is the president’s policies do the exact opposite. We basically have this. The president can’t run on his record. It’s a miserable record. He is not going to change his tune and moderate like say Bill Clinton did in 1996 because he’s really stuck with his ideology so he has no choice but to divide. So he is going to run a very decisive campaign for political gain and he has this concept of fairness and equality where he uses the kind of rhetoric we use, but the policies he’s producing will result in crony capitalism will result in more power in the government to supervise our lives, to give us a stagnant economy where the rich and the powerful are the ones who are picking it. So what I’m trying to say is he is giving us a future of debt, doubt, and decline. ‘

This will absolutely be a campaign based on another political idea, similar to the ’08 campaign where he ran on these ethereal concepts like “Hope” and “Change.” This time, it will be fairness.

But, as Ryan says, this administration isn’t about fairness when it comes to the marketplace, it’s about taking the property of the people and distributing it to the businesses which helped Obama the most. How is it fair to take corporate income taxes from the oil companies and turn around and give it to companies developing “green technology?”

But that’s too deep for this campaign. Obama isn’t worried about the voter thinking about that. He and his team will be working, as Rep. Ryan said, to divide. And the divide will focus on two places: race and class.

The marching orders have already been sent out. You could see that clearly in the message Al Sharpton had one his show the other night where he kept asking “Is it fair? Is it fair?”

He couldn’t get off that message. It was transparent.

Rep. Ryan is right. Obama’s campaign is going to be about dividing the electorate. This is going to do a lot of damage to the country.

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After I posted this, I found this from Marco Rubio. In it, he says:

President Obama has a year left in the White House. So what are his plans now to make things better? What does he plan to do now, that he didn’t do before? Well we got our answer Tuesday night. He plans to divide us against each other. To pit Americans against other Americans in the hopes of generating enough votes to get re-elected.

He tells Americans worried about their jobs that the way to help them is to raise their bosses’ taxes.

He tells those who are hurting that the only way they can be better off, is for others to be worse off.

He tells all of us that the only way for some of us to climb up the economic ladder is for others to be pulled down.

This divisive rhetoric, this effort to gain political support by convincing some that they will be better off if we punish others, this stuff has never worked anywhere it’s been tried.

The policies may never have worked, but the rhetoric has. That’s what keeps me up at night, the idea that enough Americans may actually believe what Obama’s spewing.

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