In response to the American military destroying material that Islamic militants were using to communicate, i.e. Korans, members of the Religion of Peace TM have taken to the streets, killed Americans and rioted.

Dear Leader decided that we needed to apologize for burning material that Muslims had already defaced with their evil, so he penned a three page letter apologizing to the President of Afghanistan, who wouldn’t have a job a head if it weren’t for the same military that has everyone’s panties in a wad keeping the Taliban in the caves.

So what did the letter say? That’s really not for you and me to know:

The White House press secretary told members of the press pool aboard Air Force One today that President Obama’s “sincere” apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai for a Koran-burning incident “is not appropriate to show” to reporters.

Jay Carney spoke with reporters for about 20 minutes as the presidential entourage flew to Florida for a speech on energy at the University of Miami.

Obama’s letter to Karzai that included the apology was “a lengthy, three-page letter on a host of issues, several sentences of which relate to this matter,” according to the travel pool report.

So the letter wasn’t all about the torching of a Koran, already soiled by terrorists. What else was on it? What else were they talking about?

That’s really not appropriate for the free press to know.




Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

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