As promised by Andrew Breitbart at CPAC, here is video of President Barack Obama during his college years, protesting for and embracing racialist, radical college professor Derrick Bell.

The PJ Tatler has some “fun facts” about Professor Bell:

Bell was credited with developing “critical race theory,” which suggested that the U.S. legal system was inherently biased against African Americans and other minorities because it was built on an ingrained white point of view. He argued in his many books and lectures that the life experiences of black people and other minorities should be considered in hiring decisions and in applying the law.

Bell maintained that the standards for promotion and tenure at law schools – and Harvard, in particular – were inherently discriminatory and excluded a broad group of minorities. By hiring only graduates of top-tier law schools who had clerked at the Supreme Court, he argued, academia was populated by a uniform group of standard-issue professors, most of them white men.
And why are we not surprised that he was a Farrakhan supporter?
Some scholars, both black and white, challenged Bell’s ideas, as well as his strong support of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Nonetheless, Bell remained one of the country’s most outspoken public intellectuals until his death.
Author James Traub voiced this opinion in his  1993 piece on the professor:
That’s Derek Bell’s bottom line: if it comforts whites, it’s bad; if it comforts blacks–i.e., Farrakhan–it’s good. Bell, along with Farrakhan and so many others, offers victimization as a consolation.
A little bit more from Joel Pollack of Breitbart:

Bell, Pollak said, “was the Jeremiah Wright of academia and would have been proud to say he was the Jeremiah Wright of academia, because the ties between Jeremiah Wright and Derrick Bell are very, very close indeed.”

“Derrick Bell was the originator of a school of thought called critical race theory, and he said that the civil rights laws were bad for black people because it encouraged black people to believe that there could be racial equality. In his view, the entire system, the entire United States of America was white supremacist to its core and therefore you have to bring the entire system down. This is what he taught, this is what he wrote, and these are the ideas that Obama says on tape are inspiring him and causing everyone to open their eyes,” Pollak said.

Just because he protested in support of him doesn’t mean he shared his views. That makes as much sense as saying you went to the church led by a man you called your “spiritual mentor,” but you never heard his sermons in 20 years of attendance.

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