Doug Ross: New Ambulance Design Spotted in Texas

Newsbusters: Lib Comedian Lizz Winstead Maligns Motherhood as ‘Indentured Servitude’

Weasel Zippers: Claim: NBC News terminates “seasoned producer” who did hatchet job on Zimmerman — inexplicably NBC refuses to release producer’s name

Ace of Spades: Van Jones: I’m Pretty Sure Trayvon Martin Was Killed Due To The Racial Hatred Promoted By the Koch Brothers
Van Jones, Eight Years Ago: Hey, Check Out My Album Promoting Cop-Killing and Racial Hatred!

Polipundit: The video Obama doesn’t want you to see

Fire Andrea Mitchell: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ‘Jewbag’ staffer is the daughter of big Obama donor

Gateway Pundit: Thanks Barack… ANOTHER Credit Rating Agency Downgrades US Economy

Say Anything: Gas Would Have To Be Over $8 Gallon For Most Hybrid Cars To Make Sense Economically

Hot Air: Lisa Murkowski to her fellow Republicans: It makes no sense to make this attack on women

Ace of Spades: CNN: Zimmerman’s Lawyers Say He Said “Punks;” Audio Expert Backs Him Up

The Daley Gator: Man Shoots Himself In The Heart With A Nail Gun… And Lives! (Video)

Gateway Pundit: Awful… Democrat Calls Primary Opponent a “Whore” For Supporting Israel (Video)

iOwntheWorld: Kids can get toys in their Happy Meals, California judge rules

Hot Air: Law school refuses to hire professor who embraces politics the rest of the faculty “despises”

iOwntheWorld: Atheist Who Threatened To Stop Texas Nativity Becomes Christian

The Right Scoop: Muslim Brotherhood: Sharia law to guide lawmaking in Egypt

The Jawa Report: Worst President in History Graph of the Day: How Will the “Buffet Rule” Help the Deficit?

Marathon Pundit: Video: Rude occupiers and union members protest Rahm in Milwaukee

Weasel Zippers: New Black Panthers Plan “Call To Action” Day Before Zimmerman Hearing…

Doug Ross: There’s not a white America or a black America… there’s only an America where Republicans want to poison kids

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