President Obama is in Colombia, scouting locations for the First Lady’s next vacation spot (no, really) and was asked a question about the redistributionist nature of his policies.

He replied that the use of government, aka “force,” to take the property of wealthy Americans and launder it through multiple levels of bureaucracy to that it can be given to looters nationwide isn’t “redistribution.”

Only he said it like this:

“That is not an argument about redistribution. That is an argument about growth,” Obama said in response to a reporter’s question at a news conference in Colombia. “In the history of the United States, we grow best when our growth is broad based.”

One of the themes of the Summit of the Americas meeting Obama attended here over the weekend was tackling poverty and inequality. That dovetails with aspects of Obama’s domestic message about unfairness in the tax code, but, as POLITICO noted here before the trip, it also left an opening for critics to paint him as emulating some in the Latin American left.

No kidding? Who would have considered comparing him to Chavez or Daniel Ortega?

Perhaps he meant to say it isn’t “just” about redistribution. It’s also about division of the classes in order to make the progressive, as in slow and methodical, shift from capitalism and liberty to socialism more possible.

It certainly isn’t about reducing the deficit.

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