While Breitbart is running their series called, The Vetting, I’m motivated to run my own series titled, “The Plan,” focusing on how Obama’s policies are having the exact impact on the country that he wants.

For example, he nominated Dr. Steven Chu as head of the Department of Energy. Chu specifically wanted the price of gas to reach that of Europe, which would mean $7-8 a gallon gas for us.


Because if we couldn’t afford to drive, we’d drive less.

From USA Today:

Traffic congestion dropped 30% last year from 2010 in the USA’s 100 largest metropolitan areas, driven largely by higher gas prices and a spotty economic recovery, according to a new study by a Washington-state firm that tracks traffic flows.

That was the largest drop since the nation plunged into recession in December 2007.

Bak says the data show that the reduction in gridlock on the nation’s roads stems from rising fuel prices, lackluster gains in employment and modest increases in highway capacity because of construction projects completed under the federal stimulus program.
In some cases, the connection between job growth and increased congestion was clear. Cities that outpaced the national average of 1.5% growth in employment experienced some of the biggest increases in traffic congestion: Miami, 2.3% employment growth; Tampa, up 3%; and Houston, up 3.2%.
Cities that had big drops in congestion often were those that saw road construction slow considerably from 2010 to 2011 and those where gasoline prices were well above the national average at the peak in April 2011.

Romney’s campaign slogan is, “Obama isn’t Working.”

I disagree. I believe…

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