I don’t know if Santiago Morin-Gonzalez came to America before he was 16, but if he did, Obama just granted him amnesty.

Amnesty for breaking into the country. Not for the death of Maria Vasquez:

Maria Vasquez had just dropped off her nearly 2-year-old son with her father and headed to work. The 33-year-old did not make it far. The Dallas County Sheriff’s office said, around 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning, 21-year-old Santiago Morin-Gonzalez drove a white Ford F-150 the wrong way down northbound Interstate-35E and crashed into oncoming traffic.

Vasquez was in a car, caught between two others in the wreckage.

Rescue crews were able to free her, but Vasquez’s parents said that, by the time they reached Parkland Memorial Hospital, she had died.

I suppose I could be all PC about this and say that citizens kill people with their cars all the time, so why differentiate between them and illegal aliens, but no. I don’t think so.

If we had control of our border, Santiago would not have been in the country. If he wasn’t in the country, he wouldn’t be drunk, tooling down the wrong side of the interstate towards Maria Vazquez.

If he wasn’t in the country, she would be alive.

There’s the difference.

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