Obama supporter and actress Elizabeth Banks went all in with her support for President Obama and Planned Parenthood, remembering how heavy her flow was and how lucky she was Planned Parenthood was there for her:

Speaking directly to camera, Banks describes her reliance on the controversial network of health clinics as her primary care provider after she graduated from college without medical insurance. And she directly addressed critics who’ve tried to paint Planned Parenthood as solely focused on birth control and abortion.

“Yes I got birth control, but it was for my massive migraine headaches and my heavy flow,” Banks says.

“Yeah, I’m on record saying I had a heavy flow. And unfortunately these are the types of things that I don’t want to discuss with employers; I don’t want to talk about that with my employer. That’s between me and my doctor; and at the time my doctor happened to be with Planned Parenthood,” she said.

“The services that they provide — what is it, 95 percent of them don’t involve anything controversial. So, for that little 5 percent that Mitt Romney decides he doesn’t agree with, he’s going to take away cancer screenings? What is he doing? He’s going to take away people’s access to health care close by? We’re talking about working class ladies that need access to health care,” Banks says in the video.

Once again, a liberal hits the screen and treats logic like it’s wearing a red sash:

What Banks has done is create a

Banks’ premise is, without Planned Parenthood and the federal funding that goes along with it, she would not have had anywhere to go for birth control to help her with those heavy flows. She would have just had to suffer through the migraines.

She would have had no where to turn.

Isn’t it just as possible that without all the government involvement in the medical field, she would have had more choices than Planned Parenthood? Isn’t it possible that without federal funding for free healthcare, charity hospitals would be more prevalent in America?

And isn’t it possible that Planned Parenthood could operate on both donated time from medical experts and donated money from, oh, I don’t know, rich actors and actresses?

You know it is. I can’t say the same for them.

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