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Today’s comic was inspired by Kira Davis’ Open Letter To Toure’. It’s an excellent video responding to Toure’ Neblett’s remarks on MSNBC using the word “Niggerization” to imply that Mitt Romney is using the word “angry” as some sort of secret command word for all the Republicans who have been “trained to fear” black men. You see, Toure’ Neblett lives in a world where “angry” and “nigger” mean the same thing.

Kira’s video response was perfect.

When I watched it, I felt sad that Kira had to experience so much ignorant racist hatred when she was young. By the end of the video my eyes were a little moist. Not because I feel sorry for Kira, but because she experience real, brutal hatred and didn’t let herself become an angry and bitter person because of it.

I’ve experienced racism and written about it. My experiences are nothing compared with what Kira lived through. They did force me to understand that someone hating you because of your skin color really does hurt.

The word “nigger” is a powerful word. It’s not even the word itself, but the irrational hatred that it represents. When a person like Toure’ Neblett throws it around to try and whip up resentment for a politician he doesn’t agree with, it shows a lack of respect for anyone who has ever been called “nigger” in anger.

I don’t know what’s in Toure’ Neblett’s heart. Maybe he really does see racism in every corner of the world. Maybe he really believes that people like me are “trained” to fear him and other black men.

What I see when I look at Toure’ Neblett is a black man who is willing to damn anyone who doesn’t share his political viewpoint. I see a guy who’s comfortable saying that white people are trained to fear black people – and somehow he doesn’t think a blanket statement like that is racist.

I don’t like Toure’ Neblett. It’s not because I’ve been trained to fear the color of his skin, but because he strikes me as being kind of smug and douchey.

I sure hope “smug” isn’t a secret code-word for “nigger”.

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