Ron Paul speaking in Washington, DC at CPAC. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Hello Ron Paul supporters.

I know you are disappointed.

I know you are angry.

And I know you are considering voting for Gary Johnson.

Please don’t do that.

I’m going to be blunt. You’re not proving anything.

Don’t take that as an insult, but a statement of fact.

Look back at 2008. Ron Paul refused to endorse the Republican Party candidate, Sen. John McCain. He even refused to endorse the Libertarian Party candidate, Bob Barr. He endorsed the Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin.

And the results?

Two things.  First, all the libertarian, Ron Paul protest votes amounted to about half of one percent of all the votes cast.  Less than one percent.

Second, Ralph Nader got more votes than Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin combined.

Let’s be honest with each other.  That’s just sad.

And now you are ready to throw all your weight behind Gary Johnson.

How do you think that will work out?  What impact do  you really think your half percent protest will have on the Republican Party?

If Not Gary Johnson, Then What?

Then, real change.

What I am talking about is real, constructive change to the Republican Party, not an ideological stamping of one’s feet in a polling booth.

I’m talking about changing the Republican party on the molecular level, so that eventually, you have a party as fiscally conservative as Ron Paul and a party that will nominate a candidate you can support.

If you want this to be a reality, not a dream you write about on Facebook, you have to be the change you want to see in the Party.

Here’s how you become that change:

  1. Join the Republican Party:  You read that right.  Go to and join up.  Get their newsletter.  Like them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter.  Join the team.
  2. Go the the GOP Website for Your State and Volunteer:  Missouri’s GOP website is  When I go there, I can volunteer to help the party.  Volunteering is often a great way to get your foot in the door.  Once you start volunteering and networking, then you can so something like #4, but first, you really should do #3.
  3. Attend the County Party Committee Meeting:  The Republican Party has committees in each county.  Personally, I don’t know that my county ever meets.  If they do, they aren’t advertising when.  All you have to do is go to the GOP’s website for your state.  Find the page showing county committees and see who is on yours.  Reach out to them and find out when they are meeting next.  Attend the meeting and press the flesh.  Get to know these folks.  If you really try, you could be working with them someday.  Which brings us to…
  4.  Become a Member of the County Party Committee:  How does one get on the county party committee? Right now, I don’t know. I never thought about trying to get on one. That’s a good question for you to ask when you attend your first meeting.  Once you are on the committee though, work hard politicking so you can…
  5. Become the Chair of the County Party Committee:  Boom!  Now you’re doing it.  Running a county committee is a great way to actually start impacting the direction of the party.  And, done right, could open the door to #6.
  6. Become a Member of the State Party Committee:  When you go to, you can send in your resume.  Suppose you work hard on the county level for a few years, meet a lot of like-minded people and start impacting the direction of the party.  Get enough clout and when you send in your resume, the local party might be able to get you into a state level gig.  Again, hard work and good politicking could lead you to…
  7. Become the Chair of the State Party Committee:  Now who’s the Big Shot?  A Ron Paul supporter running the show on a state level?  Forget about it.
    There’s really only one thing left if you went this direction.
  8. Run for Local Office:  This just got real.  Why keep complaining about the system if you’re not willing to get inside it and start being the change you want to see.  This is an option even if you don’t go through all the trouble of running the party on the state level.But what if this isn’t your idea of activism?  That’s fine.  There are other things you can do on a local level to affect the party.  For example, you could…
  9. Join a Liberty Meetup:  The Campaign for Liberty is the political organization founded by Ron Paul.  It’s focus is to “to promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy, by means of education, issue advocacy, and grassroots mobilization.” is a website for finding likeminded groups of people near you.  Join Meetup, answer the questions and look for any Liberty Meetups near you.  After you find one, attend it and meet some new people.
  10. Start a Liberty Meetup:  If you’re like me, there isn’t a Liberty Meetup near you.  So, you’re an activist.  Start one!  It’s going to start small, maybe a couple of people meeting at a Burger King, but it’ll grow if you stick with it.  And getting to know those near you who share your beliefs is very important to some of the other things you’ll want to accomplish.
  11. Attend Your Local City Council Meeting:  Government goes to those who show up.  This isn’t just true on the national level.  If you show up to the local city council meetings and participate, you can do several things.  First, you can make the council aware of your presence.  Second, you can start influencing things.  Third, you can start making people aware of what’s going on in the meetings, either through a vigorous letter to the editor campaign or through your hyper-local blog.  Which brings us to…
  12. Start a hyper-local blog:  I heard a story once about a state blogger who spent his days sitting in the audience of the state legislature, watching what happened and taking notes.  When the session would break, I was told lawmakers would make a bee-line for their computers to find out what he had written about them.You could do that on a city, county or state level also.
  13. Attend Your School Board Meetings:  Another place tax dollars are being spent, the school board is a great place to advocate for fiscal responsibility and meet people in the community who share your libertarian beliefs.
  14. Man a Booth At Fairs:  Rent a space at a local fair or event.  Put up a table and cover it in your political beliefs.  Take time to talk with people and hand out literature explaining why they should share your belief.  And collect as many names and emails as possible  so you can…
  15. Start a Local Organization:  Anytown Citizens for Freedom.  Don’t like that name?  Come up with a better one, invite all your friends and the folks who signed your booth’s list and start a new local organization to lobby for your political platform. Get some fancy letterhead and start writing letters to candidates and office holders.  Tell them who you are, what your organization stands for and what you expect from them.  Write letters to the editor.  Take ads in the paper advocating for this or that.  Attend the city council meetings en masse and take control of the direction of the city.Or just…
  16. Join a Local Organization:  Maybe there’s already people doing this and you could lend your support to them.  Of course, local level may be too “Meh.” for you.  Get big, then.  Go to state.
  17. Start a State Organization:  Same as above, just on a state level.
  18. Join a State Organization:  Read #16 and think “On a state level.”
  19. Organize an event:  Somebody organized the first CPAC.  Maybe you could organize the first “Independence Festival” in your town, county, or state.  Somebody has to do it.  Might as well be you, right?
  20. Speak at an Event:  There’s a Tea Party someone with time to fill.  Fill it.  Preach the liberty gospel.  Pass out cards so you can do it again.
  21. Become a Subject Matter Expert:  Every time someone on television or radio talks about the progressive income tax,  they should think, “I’ve got to get that dude on the show as an expert.”  Be that guy.  Pick something you’re already passionate about and focus on learning every aspect of it.  Know it on the molecular level.  Start a blog about only that.  Call into radio shows and talk about that.  Write letters to the editor about that.  Guest post on other websites about only that.
  22. Build a Relationship with Your Representative’s Staff:  Reach out to the people who work for your representatives.  Get to know them.  Maybe volunteer to help when they come to town.  Try to be a help to them so when you have something your representative should know, they’ll be more likely to ensure they hear it.
  23. Build a coalition:  One person working alone can make a change, but 10 people working in concert are better.  No official ties, no official meetings.  Just a group of like minded people who don’t mind leaning on politicians to get them to vote a certain way.
  24. Start a petition:  Believe it or not, these still carry weight.  If you can deliver 10,000 names to a politician and all of them come from their district, they will pay attention.
  25. Attend Training on Activism:  Maybe you don’t have the first clue how to get started.  Check out The Leadership Institute.  They’ll fix that.

And here’s a bonus one.

Stop dropping Ron Paul into every conversation you have. I know you like him. It’s a turn-off.

Plus, Ron Paul isn’t a candidate for anything anymore. If you’re thinking 2016, forget about it.

Talk about beliefs and principles. If you bring up the man, you’ll only turn people against you before you get a chance to really talk to them.

And that’s the goal, isn’t it? Reach people with the message of liberty, small government, lower taxes and create real change in America.

I’ve given you twenty-five things you can do today to start making a real difference in America. Do one or do them all. They will have a bigger impact on the Republican party than a vote for Gary Johnson will.

If you have any more ideas on what can be done, drop them in the comment section. I’d love to hear them.

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