I’m doing my best to watch the Democrat party’s convention.

The mayor of Minneapolis, R.T. Rybak just gave a speech about all the fantastical things Dear Leader has done for us.  In the speech, he talked about how a lack of infrastructure led to the collapse of the Interstate 35W in Minneapolis.

Keder on Twitter noted exactly how much bull this guy was full of:


It was the design, not the maintenance:

Investigators said Monday that the Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis, which collapsed into the Mississippi River on Aug. 1, killing 13, came down because of a flaw in its design.

The designers had specified a metal plate that was too thin to serve as a junction of several girders, investigators say.

The bridge was designed in the 1960s and lasted 40 years. But like most other bridges, it gradually gained weight during that period, as workers installed concrete structures to separate eastbound and westbound lanes and made other changes, adding strain to the weak spot. At the time of the collapse, crews had brought tons of equipment and material onto the deck for a repair job.

Think about all the lies that will be told if they can’t even tell the truth about a bridge.

Hat Tip: Doug Wallick

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