When Rep. Todd Akin refused to get out of the race, despite ever organization on the right treating him like Ronald Miller post-Cindy Mancini’s drunken dressing down, I asked how he would be able to campaign with an empty wallet.

Turns out, he can’t. Well, he can’t run television ads, it seems:

Todd Akin’s TV ads are, reportedly, being yanked from stations across the state because his campaign isn’t paying the bills.

KOMU-TV in Columbia says it received half of the payment for an ad buy, and when it didn’t get the other half, it cancelled the rest of the ads. The station says its confirmed that other stations from St. Louis to Kansas City have been put in the same position.

At what point do you decide to let go of the dream?

Todd Akin may be a solid conservative vote, but not if he loses. We need to get Claire McCaskill into a new position.

Todd Akin is standing in the way of that.

Unless some unknown source of funds suddenly appears, this campaign is already over.

Hat Tip:  National Review

Featured Image Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey

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