Weasel Zippers: Unreal: WH Holds Secret Private Meeting On Benghazi With Select Media Prior To Benghazi Press Briefing Yesterday

Scared Monkeys: Beghazi-Gate: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions … Scrubbed of Terror & Al-Qaeda Reference … Obama White House Initially Said Only One Word was Edited

Newsbusters: Leno: ‘Today at a Press Conference Even a Non-Fox Reporter Asked About Benghazi’

The Right Scoop: Kirsten Powers: “There is something just fundamentally really, really wrong with our media”

Weasel Zippers: Obama Mega-Donor Bill Maher On Benghazi: “I Still Don’t Know What The Scandal Is”…

The Right Scoop: [VIDEO] Watch how NBC, CBS, and ABC evening news shows covered Benghazi talking points scandal

Dinocrat: Cover-ups and crimes, then and now

Flash Report: Through The Looking Glass — Gender Is Not Objective, It Is Subjective

Conservative Daily News: FAA refuses to tell town officials what the low-flying, mystery aircraft is frightening residents nightly

Scared Monkeys: Bad Day for Obama & Hillary Clinton: MSNBC Guest from the Daily Beast Columnist Michael Tomasky Says … Invoked “That Word That Starts With ‘I’” … Benghazi Scandal Makes White House “Look Terrible,” Possibly An “Impeachment Issue”

iOwnTheWorld: The Newseum Is Honoring 2 Terrorists as ‘Journalists’

Weasel Zippers: Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Also To Be Charged With Aggravated Murder For Killing Babies In Utero, Prosecutors May Ask For Death Penalty

Conservative Byte: Tea Party Leaders Reject IRS Apology For Tax Scrutiny

Hot Air: 10 crazy things the IRS asked Tea Party groups

The Powers That Be: IRS Admits Targeting Conservative Groups; White House Blames… Bush

Marooned in Marin: FLASHBACK: Obama Joked About IRS Audits In 2009–Tea Party Groups Audited Three Years Later

Newsbusters: Maher: ‘If You’re Rich You Should be Begging the Government to Redistribute Your Wealth’

Stop the ACLU: 3D-Printed Gun Plans Downloaded 100,000 Times in Two Days

Pirate’s Cove: Hooray! Fish And Wildlife OK With Condor Deaths From Wind Farms

The Daley Gator: Obama Says $1 Trillion In Obamacare Spending Is… Wait For It… An Historic Tax Cut

Hot Air: Video: Obamacare will improve… marriages?

United Liberty: MSNBC Host Asks For Democrat’s Autograph on Air

Newsbusters: New Jersey Dems Caught on Hot Mic Wanting to ‘Confiscate, Confiscate, Confiscate … Their Little Guns’

Publius Forum: 3D-Printed Gun Plans Downloaded 100,000 Times in Two Days

iOwnTheWorld: Hispanic worker sues for injury; Couldn’t read warning sign in English

Riehl World View: Colorado Democrats facing recall efforts for pro gun-control votes

Moonbattery: Caption Contest

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