This is not good:

Hackers have accessed designs for more than two dozen major U.S. weapons systems, according to a devastating classified report from a Pentagon advisor shared with the Washington Post.

Although the report from the Defense Science Board did not identify the hackers, senior military and industry officials with knowledge of the breaches say they come primarily from China, according to Ellen Nakashima of the Post.

public version of the report released in January warned of an “existential cyber attack” with “potentially spectacular” effects.

Some of the more disturbing leaks include designs for cutting edge jets, missile systems, and electronic warfare technology.

Here’s a partial list of compromised designs:



Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD Missile Defense)

Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (Patriot missile defense system)

AMRAAM (AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile)

Global Hawk (high altitude surveillance drone)

PII (email addresses, SSN, credit card numbers, passwords, etc.)


That’s what Mark Stokes called it.  He’s the executive director of the Project 2049 Institute, “a think tank that focuses on Asia security issues.”

Here’s the question:  what are we going to do about it?

Don’t we have our own nerds?  Some weapons grade Rambo hackers who can bust through Chinese security like Neo taking out a mob of Agent Smiths?



If not, why not?

This is one of the more dangerous things I have seen occur during the Obama administration, and that’s saying something.


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