How are they supposed to get any indoctrination done with all this free thinking being taught?

I’ll be this guy didn’t even think about that:

The controversy started when the school district directed students to complete a survey about at-risk behavior – including past drug, tobacco and alcohol usage.

“I advised my students that they had a Fifth Amendment right not incriminate themselves,” Dryden told a local newspaper. “It was not my intention for them not to take the survey.”
Batavia School Superintendent Jack Barshinger told Fox News what the teacher did was against the rules.

“The issue before the board was whether one employee had the right to mischaracterize the efforts of teachers, counselors, social workers and others and tell students in effect that the adults are not here to help but they are trying to get you to incriminate yourself,” he said.

How did he mischaracterize the efforts? The school was collecting information and he told the students they should be careful what they said.

Seems like good advice to me. How about you?

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