The Supreme Court of the United States ruled on the Voting Rights Act of 1965 today, striking down a portion of it.

According to the left, Democrats in the south are already prepping their firehoses for election day in 2014:

The Rev. Al Sharpton on Tuesday called the Supreme Court ruling striking down a key part of the Voting Rights Act a “devastating blow” and said the court “just canceled the dream” of Martin Luther King Jr.

The MSNBC host and civil rights activist vowed on MSNBC to “mobilize the national community” to protect voting rights in the wake of the 5-4 ruling.

“The president and Congress needs to hear from us,” Sharpton said. “We just announced yesterday the 50th anniversary March on Washington. This march will now be with Martin Luther King’s son around protecting voter rights. What they have just done is really revoked a lot of what Dr. King’s dream was all about. We build a monument to Dr. King, and part of, at least half, of what Dr. King’s dream was about was voter rights ’65. They’ve just revoked that. They just canceled the dream. And the children of the dream are not going to sit by and allow that to happen.”

Hyperbole, thy name is Sharpton.


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