May 31, 2013, I published Incrementalism, Class Warfare and the End Game of Federal Student Loans.

I concluded with this:

The idea of free tuition for all is attractive, if you ignore the reality that someone, somewhere has to pay for it.

And by someone, I mean you.

That’s the end-game. Progressives like McCaskill and Warren are content to take small steps, like making the federal government the source of student loans, because they know it’s still a step forward. It leads to the next step, like lowering interest rates.

Is there any doubt that someday, either one of these two or another Democrat will demand loans be made with no interest? It’s not too far after that to start wondering why students should have to borrow money for a “right.”

Step by step. Little by little. This is how the left works.


There is no reason why a young person should have to pay for a college education,” Rangel claims, “because who does it benefit except the nation? Who are we competing against? Not ourselves, but China and other industrialized countries, they decide what they need, and they provide the incentives. Here we don’t have nurses and doctors, and then when a person gets out of health school, I mean out of medical school, they can’t get the money to pay off their debt. It doesn’t make sense.”

Never mind the massive federal regulations that are killing the medical field.

Never mind the federally guaranteed loans that result in college tuition skyrocketing.

Never mind all the problems resulting from decades of progressive social experimentation.

The solution lies in more looting and more dependency.

That’s the heart of a true communist.

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