Democrat Rep. Earl Blumenaur’s plan to fix America’s infrastructure, which is still in surprisingly bad condition considering we just poured a kabillion dollars into it via the Stimulus Plan.

Blumenaur’s going to tax every mile you drive.




Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) on Tuesday reintroduced legislation that would require the government to study the most practical ways of taxing drivers based on how far they drive, in order to help fund federal highway programs.

Blumenauer’s bill, H.R. 3638, would set up a Road Usage Fee Pilot Program, which he said would study mileage-based fee systems. He cast his bill as a long-term solution for funding highway programs, and proposed it along with a shorter-term plan to nearly double the gas tax, from 18.4 cents to 33.4 cents per gallon.

“As we extend the gas tax, we must also think about how to replace it with something more sustainable,” Blumenauer said Tuesday. “The best candidate would be the vehicle mile traveled fee being explored by pilot projects in Oregon and implemented there on a voluntary basis next year.”

It’s not a novel idea.  It’s actually standard operating procedure for the left.

Look a problem!  Quick, tax someone.

The problem still exists!  Raise taxes!

ARRGH! It’s still there!  Double taxes and create some new taxes!

There is opposition to this, mainly from everyone.

The bill doesn’t stand a chance, but it’s important to know what’s possible in a country dominated by progressives.

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