Liberal St. Louis Post-Dispatch editor Tony Messenger took to Twitter today to share this article from The Atlantic:

Six million? Wow. But wait a second…


No. No it doesn’t:

Oh, so that’s how they’re rationalizing forcing five million people out of policies they were happy with. It’s ok, because they still have “access to affordable policies.”

And that comes from “ a new report from Democrats on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce,” so it’s totally believable.

The Atlantic writes:

The vast majority should be eligible to stay on their existing plans, thanks to the administration’s last-minute fix to permit this, or get subsidies through the exchanges, according to the report. The rest should be able to obtain affordable catastrophic-care plans, according to the congressional staffers.

People should be able to engage in commerce with an insurance agent without the government telling them what they have to buy, too, but that’s not happening any more than these “shoulds” are.

This whole article is garbage like this.  It’s based on unqualified projections.  For example:

More than 2.1 million have enrolled in private-sector health insurance through the state and federal exchanges.

One caveat: It’s still unknown how many of the enrollees were previously uninsured, as opposed to people who were already insured in the individual market and just used the exchanges to get new plans.

It’s also unknown how many of those have actually purchased policies, so you can’t really include that number.


3.9 million people were determined eligible for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program during just October and November, though it’s unclear how many have enrolled yet.

Medicaid is not insurance.  And they don’t even know how many have signed up.

This is all propaganda to make this failure look like a spectacular success.

Expect more and more of this.  It reminds me of something President Obama said:



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