Once again, socialism kills, this time in Venezuela:

Food is running out, as are other essentials, even though the country claims the world’s largest oil reserves. There are shortages of toilet paper and soap, empty shelves and massive crowds queuing for hours in front of supermarkets. Patients are sometimes having to buy their own medicines; doctors are warning that 95 per cent of hospitals have only five per cent of the supplies they need. The central bank’s scarcity index has reached a record of 28 per cent, which means that more than one in four basic goods are out of stock at any time; and the situation has worsened considerably since the figures were last compiled.

The reason? A brain-dead rejection of basic economics, and a hardline, anti-market approach of the worst possible kind. There are maximum prices, other prices controls, profit controls, capital controls, nationalisations, expropriations and every other statist, atavistic policy you can think of. An extreme left wing government has waged war on capitalism and won; and as ever, ordinary people are paying the price.

Before we go any farther, here’s a nice photo of Sean Penn and his good friend, Hugo Chavez:


Penn was a huge apologist for the Chavez administration.

I wonder if he realizes what a useful idiot he is.

All leftism does is destroy. Even if it worked exactly like its evangelists think it will, it still destroys the individual.

It is a system of destruction. Nothing else.

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