This is part three in a four part series.  Part one:  Enact the FairTax is here. Part Two: Privatize Social Security is here.

In “Conscience of a Conservative,” Barry Goldwater laments that the federal budget is over $800,000,000.  Imagine what he would say about today’s $3 trillion monstrosity.  That money comes out of your pocket.  That’s three trillion dollars we could be spending in the economy, instead of government laundering for redistribution.

If Washington wanted to stimulate they economy, they could return two thirds of that budget to the people.  We are talking about a $2 trillion tax cut.  Even if they cut the budget to $1 trillion and collected $2 trillion so they could pay down the debt, they would still be returning more than this stimulus package creates out of thin air.

So where do we cut $2 trillion out of the budget?  It’s easier than you think.

Butchering the Pig

Here’s a look at the 2007 budget. 


The top four expenses listed are things the federal government shouldn’t be spending money on in the first pace:

  • Social Security – $586.1 billion
  • Medicare – $394.5 billion
  • Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program – $276.4 billion
  • Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory Spending – $294.0 billion

Four cuts, and we have already trimmed the budget by $1.55 trillion.

When you have a huge debt, do you keep spending on things you shouldn’t?  Neither should the government.  It’s a huge change, and it will hurt, but it has to happen.

If the states want to take up where the federal government exits, that’s fine.  But these four programs need to go.

Where else?

The Department of Agriculture can go.  Again, states can do this for themselves.

Savings:  $95 billion

The Department of Education educates no one.  It can go. 

Savings:  $68.6 billion

The Department of Health and Human Services can go.  The states can set up their own FDA, if they even want one.

Savings: $67.2 billion

The Department of Transportation can go.  The Coast Guard can be folded into the Department of Defense and the airlines can set their own standards for safety.  That’s right.  Passengers will have to decide which airline is the safest based on performance. 

Savings:  $58 billion.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development gave us the mortgage crisis.  What else have they done?  They can go.

Savings:  $28.5 billion

The Department of Energy creates no energy.  It can go.

Savings:  $23.4 billion

This adds up to another $337 billion dollars in savings.  That brings us up to $1.887 trillion.  Strategic cuts in other agencies, including the elimination of some, can easily cut another $113 billion.

Cutting $2 trillion out of the budget would do far more good than borrowing $1.1 trillion and spending it on the nonsense contained in this stimulus package. 

Obama keeps telling us these are tough times.  Well, tough times call for tough love.  If Americans want to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, they just might have to return to the original American spirit of limited government and federalism.

Otherwise, we will spend ourselves into the ash heap of history, as so many other countries have before us.

Tomorrow:  Why The Democrats Won’t Enact the FairTax, Privatize Social Security or Slash the Budget by $2 Trillion


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