I love StumbleUpon.

SU is a great tool.  Not only does it give me huge bursts of traffic, but you can can use it for brainstorming post ideas or finding great conservative blogs you might not have seen before.

One of the best features is the friend features.  There are some great conservatives on StumbleUpon.  Once you make a friend, they can send you links that they find interesting and think you might too.

When I started writing this, I had 99 suggestions on my SU toolbar.

Let’s see what my friends have in store for me:

  1. DJStone999-V2 sent me this article from Newsmax detailing how Barack Obama wants illegal aliens to become citizens so they can join unions.
  2. Aslanbooks shared a Squidoo page on Tim Conway.  Love Tim Conway.
  3. DJStone999-V2 told me this post from the Tenth Amendment Center.  It’s about the Indiana Senate passing SR42 to claim “sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States.”
  4. DJStone999-V2 kept the 10th Amendment theme rolling with this article from the governor of the great state of Texas.  It seems Rick Perry understands the Constitution.
  5. bygracenotmerit sent me a post from her blog, An Unlikely Perspective 2.  It’s a call to action for conservative Americans.
  6. DJStone999-V2 sends me this post from Michelle Malkin where she tracks the Tea Party crashers.
  7. DJStone999-V2 sent me this YouTube video from CNN on Better World Books.  This is cool because I will definately be checking this out.  I love books.  In fact, here’s the homepage for Better World Books.
  8. Another site sent to me by DJStone999-V2.  This is on an effort to remove the term limitations on the POTUS.
  9. DJStone999-V2 shared an article on a professor described as “intellectually vulgar, a purveyor of racialist conspiracy theories and counterfactual historical revisionism who has bullied his own students. He makes a mockery of scholarly obligations to dispassionate research and reporting with his naked political advocacy and villainizing of opponents. Moreover, he juxtaposes events or individuals with little or nothing in common in an attempt to invert our moral universe, cloud our understanding of history, and thwart our ability to learn from the past.”  He’s up for tenure.
  10. DJStone999-V2 again.  Man is busy.  This one is on David Horowitz’s “Student Bill of Right.”
  11. Robert Spencer says the Somali pirates are jihadists.  I know this because DJStone999-V2 sent me this article from Jihad Watch.
  12. DJStone999-V2 sent me this political cartoon showing how Obama is playing a different game than America’s enemies.
  13. A new Stumbler!  garginis told me this made him happy.  It’s a video about a friendship between a cat and a dog.  The dog gets sick and the cat tries to save him.  Really a touching video.
  14. DJStone999-V2 sent me to Judge Andrew Napolitano’s “Freedom Watch on Fox.”  I subscribed to it.
  15. DJStone999-V2 sent me this really cool map of Cartel territories and drug routes.
  16. Another cool map from DJStone999-V2.  This one shows gang influence along the U.S./Mexico border.
  17. Shooting for the Mexican drug trifecta, DJStone999-V2 nails it.  The maps came from this article discussing the Mexican drug trade.
  18. Continuing with the drug theme, DJStone999-V2 shares this article on the emerging role in the Central American drug trade.
  19. In Afghanistan, women were protesting a law that legalized marital rape.  They were pelted with stones.  You guessed it:  DJStone999-V2
  20. NPR discusses the idea of al-Qaida turning to piracy.
  21. aslanbooks wants everyone to know why he is a Republican.  
  22. He wants people to know it so bad he sent it twice.
  23. DJStone999-V2 is back, and he brings an IBD editorial with him on the End of England.
  24. DJStone999-V2 shared one of the greatest movie lines of all time.
  25. rightwingchick sent me a story from her blog Tea Party Spin:  The Story Inside the Story.
  26. Here’s one from ChickenYumYumCut to the News:  Your Daily News Briefing
  27. garginis wants me to up vote his article for a USB Apple fan.  So I did.
  28. aslanbooks shared a Squidoo page on a short History of the Tomb of the Unknowns.
  29. thedanielrichard sent me one of his posts.  It describes “3 Types of Salespeople in the World.
  30. Did you know Iran is considering the death penalty for bloggers?  No, really.
  31. “The only thing more terrifying than this masterfully crafted story is the possibility of it actually happening—and not a damn thing being done to protect us.”
    -W.E.B. Griffin &
    William E. Butterworth IV
  32. bygracenotmerit sent me another blog post from her blog.  This one is a video of what happened after CNN cut away from the Tea Party in Chicago.  If you have not seen it, you should watch it.
  33. There are a number of people calling for the end of Janet Napolitano as head of Homeland Security.  DJStone999-V2 sent me this article saying why she should go.
  34. “The White House had a monogram that symbolizes the name of Jesus hidden from the backdrop of a speech President Obama gave at Georgetown University Tuesday.”  Mike Huckabee says this isn’t Obama’s doing.  I believe him.  Probably someone 13 degrees away from Obama just getting a backdrop set up.  But, with this administration, I guess anything is possible.
  35. aslanbooks shared his favorite song from Les Miserables.  As I was watching this, Big and Little Enos Berdette were haggling with Burt Reynolds, so I had to move on.  I’m sure it’s a great song, but Smokey and the Bandit is a classic flick.  What would you have done?
  36. DJStone999-V2 sent me to Red State, where Brian Faughnan takes issue with Obama apologizing to Mexico for all of America’s deeds.
  37. Obama and Mexico’s President continue to pimp the idea that Americans should forfeit their Second Amendment rights in order to halt violence in Mexico.  Link courtesy of, wait for it…DJStone999-V2.
  38. Have you ever seen Islamic Justice?  This video is unlike anything I have ever seen before.  Seriously.  It is agonizing to watch.  It starts of with the punishment of an 8 year old who stole from the market.  They run over his arm with a car, crushing it.  This is the country Obama thinks we can reason with.  Don’t watch this if you have a weak stomach.
  39. “This beauty is a fully functional Gatling Gun with TWELVE rotating barrels and a live action trigger”  It shoots rubber bands.  DJStone999-V2 sent this to me.
  40. I didn’t know this.  Back in October, a new federal law took effect that allows veterans to render a salute during the national anthem.  Very cool.
  41. Heros of the Holocaust and Their Stories of Courage
  42. Want a free NRA membership?  bygracenotmerit tells you how!
  43. “The Weld County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a threat to place bombs in and around Greeley on Monday unless illegal immigrants are released from jail…”
  44. If that’s not bad enough, the Washington Times says illegals targeted a sheriff as a gang initiation.
  45. DJStone sent me a reminder that I could get a free NRA membership over at bygracenotmerit’s blog.
  46. Do you understand the Emancipation Proclamation?  If not, check out this Squidoo page aslanbooks sent me.
  47. Finally, my SU friend Fastercat makes the list.  He sent me this article on DHS Sec. Napolitano lying to Americans about her department’s rightwing extremism report.  The Thomas Moore Law Center has filed suit.
  48. Evil-roy shared this video on “How the Modern Liberal Winds Up on the Wrong Side of Every Issue.”
  49. DJStone999-V2 sent me another reminder about that free NRA membership.  I already have a membership, but if you don’t, you should.
  50. When I first looked at this Squidoo page, I thought it said, “The History of Bams.”  Then I realized it was “The History of Barns.”  Thanks aslanbooks.
  51. CardManRod replied to my sending him a World Net Daily article where I was quoted.  It’s on HR 1388, which Obama just signed into law the other day.
  52. This is new to me.  garginis sent me this article on the “Urban Quad Bike.”  
  53. Powerful article in the Wall Street Journal by former CIA director Michael Hayden and former Attorney General Michael Mukasey on the release of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel opinions.
  54. Another WSJ article.  This one on the recounts in Minnesota.
  55. Fastercar sent me the “Wrong Side of Every Issue” video Evil-roy sent me before.  Great video.
  56. DJStone999-V2 sent me to bygracenotmerit’s blog to read her rebuttal to Jeanine Garafalo’s rant on MSNBC.
  57. Reuter’s take on Obama and Chavez getting all chummy.
  58. DJStone999-V2 reminds us that it wasn’t too long ago that Chavez was talking about the end of the U.S.
  59. Fastercat wants to know something:  Are you a right wing radical or a normal left wing patriot?
  60. Have a uber-geek girlfriend?  Here is the perfect gift, courtesy of garginis.
  61. This made me kind of sad.&nbs
    p; Jackie Chan on freedom in China, “I’m gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we’re not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want.”  Isn’t that the point of freedom?
  62. Friend of the blog, Humberto Fontova, showed up in the next link.  It’s a powerful history lesson on the Bay of Pigs.  Well worth your time.
  63. From the L.A. Times:  ‘No one should feel immune': Mexican cartels spread to hundreds of US cities as war rages on
  64. SU friend djonline sent me this thought of the day:  Don’t tear others down.  Build yourself up.
  65. Fastercat sent me this.  The remains of a 10,000 year old Democrat were discovered.  With pics.
  66. Another one from garginis.  Awesome picture of a diver and a whale.  Really, check this one out.
  67. Fastercat shared this video with me.  It’s the American Tea Party Anthem video.
  68. DJStone999-V2 sent me to ExposeObama.com, where they explain how he “actually delayed pirate rescue.”
  69. Then he sent me a ton of Benjamin Franklin quotes.
  70. alsanbooks shared another Squidoo page with me, this one on Fly Fishing. 
  71. This is cool.  I didn’t know there was a Squidoo page on the Tea Parties.
  72. garginis wants me to up vote another article of his on Reddit.  No problem.
  73. I am friends with humbleinfidel on several sites.  She sent me this video rebuttal to the DHS report that veterans are threats.
  74. Fastercat sent me the same video.
  75. I had seen this video before DJStone999-V2 sent it to me, but it is really funny, so I watched it again.
  76. This Tom Mabe prank call is hilarious also.  
  77. garginis sent me a picture of a cat hugging a dog.  That sums it up.
  78. aslanbooks says “Everyone should attend this event.”  Wish I could but I had other plans.  Did the Finacial Peace University though.  Great program.
  79. Here’s a video explaining the above event.
  80. And another Dave Ramsey video.
  81. aslanbooks sent me to a Squidoo page to “Discover the Declaration of Independence.
  82. As if I don’t spend enough time reading Neal Boortz’s blog, DJStone999-V2 sends me there to read about a whiny lib who doesn’t like conservative talk radio.
  83. And then he sent me there again to read a “Letter from a law student.”
  84. Avidgardener shared this post on easter flowers.  For those who don’t know, I have a degree in horticulture, so I enjoy reading these posts.
  85. humbleinfidel set up this Ning page.  It’s a “Template to contact legislators regarding removal of j napolitano.”  Good stuff.
  86. bygracenotmerit also wants people to be a part of Dave Ramsey’s Townhall for Hope.  She sent me this link to help get the word out.
  87. Have you ever heard of a “Constitution Free Zone?”  According to this link sent to me by DJStone999-V2, “the Constitution-free zone that exists a US borders and airports actually extends 100 air miles inland and encompasses two-thirds of the country’s population. The US Border Patrol can set up checkpoints anywhere in this region and question citizens.”
  88. Christopher Ruddy says, “The lies about Castro and Cuba, and America’s relations with our communist neighbor, have become so preposterous, I need to respond”
  89. 9 Steps to a Clean Coffee Maker
  90. Here’s another Squiddo page on fly fishing.
  91. DJStone999-V2 shared this article from the Washington Post.  In it, Marc A. Thiessen points out that enhanced interrogations worked.
  92. Here’s another one pointing out the same thing.
  93. A Wall Street Journal article on enhanced interrogation tactics.
  94. aslanbooks has a great Squidoo page on the United States Constitution.
  95. Here’s part two:  the Bill of Rights.
  96. Finally, here’s part three:  the Amendments.
  97. A short film describing through 3D models the exploitation of Palestinian civilians by the Hamas in its terrorist warfare against Israel and its citizens.
  98. lehighvalgal sent me this video on how the city of Venice hopes to be the first city to use algea to help power the city.  That’s real green energy.
  99. Finally, rightwingchick sent me to her SU page to tell me she would be gone til mid-May.

So there it is.  Almost 100 great links from my friends on StumbleUpon.  You can see how SU can help you find stories you might have
missed.  It’s also a great way to network.

If you have a SU account, I hope you’ll click here and consider being my friend so we can share stories with each other also. 

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