One of the most dangerous things President Barack Obama and other leftists in Washington, D.C. are trying to implement is a cap and trade plan to combat global warming. While I have written extensively on the global warming myth, there are others out there who have dedicated their sites to the debate.

Here are some of the resources I have used, and currently follow.  Some are blogs, some are forum pages, but they are all full of information to help you learn more about the subject, and keep up to date on climate change news:

If I were to recommend one site, most would think it to be Climate Audit, or Watts Up With That.  However, I recommend subscribing to at least Tom Nelson’s blog.  He is like the Glenn Reynolds of global warming, a relentless global warming news aggregator.  You will not only find updates from Climate Audit and Watts on Tom Nelson’s blog, you will find so many other stories you might not have heard anywhere else (including, I’m guessing, this one.)

And bookmark this page.  It’s a forum page and is one of the most comprehensive resources for information on the subject. 

I also encourage you to visit the “Best Global Warming Videos on the Internet” series I put together for All American Blogger.  While you can talk to some people, or hand them a paper and say, “Read this,” others are more influenced by video.  There are four parts to the series:

If there are videos I should add, please let me know. 

I hope you use these resources to educate yourself and your friends about the climate change debate, and help them understand why cap and trade is not only unnecessary and useless, but a dangerous failure.  It will take an active citizenry to encourage Democrats, and some Republicans (*cough John McCain cough*), not to enact programs that will increase our energy prices.

As for the sites that I missed, please feel free to add them to the comments section. 

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Update 2: Some more sites and pages from our friends at Free Republic: