The deficit is through the roof. The Democrats complained when Bush had a $400 billion deficit, but Obama is looking at over a trillion, maybe two. The national debt is projected to double.

So what does this Congress do. Buys itself three private jets. And the kick in the pants is, the Pentagon only asked for one:

The jets are military versions of the Gulfstream G550, a passenger jet with a cruising speed of more than 600 miles per hour that is capable of flying non-stop from Washington to Beijing without refueling.

The Pentagon had only asked for one jet, which it intends to use for its new Africa Command.

Money for the other two was inserted by the House Appropriations Committee, which also inserted a requirement that the jets be used by the Air Force’s 89th Airlift Wing, which is based at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, and provides transportation for government VIPs — including members of Congress.

“We ask for only what we need and nothing more,” Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said. “Congress would be the one who would best be equipped to answer why it is they have added additional Gulfstreams to the budget.”

The funding for the planes was really the work of two Georgia Congressmen, Democrat Sanford Bishop and Republican Jack Kingston. It seems the Gulfstreams are made in Georgia and, oddly enough, “both have received more than $10,000 over the past two years in campaign contributions from General Dynamics, the parent company of Gulfstream.”

It’s interesting that the same Congress who wants to cap carbon emissions has no problem using private jets when they could take commercial flights. The same Congress that says carbon dioxide is driving climate change increases its carbon footprint so they don’t have to fly with the dirty masses, while trying to close down the coal plants that provide electricity to those same people.

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