I posted the video of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee talking on a cell phone while one of her constituents, a cancer survivor, was asking a question related to the Democrat’s health care plan before, but if you missed it, here it is again:

Jackson Lee went on CNN with Rick Sanchez and he wanted to know how she could explain this video. It’s easy enough. At about the @:50 mark, she suggests it’s doctored:

Also worth noting is how she corrects herself when she says health care reform and says health insurance reform.

Here’s part of the exchange, thanks to The Examiner’s Heather Hogue:

SANCHEZ: Here you have people who have come to hear you speak. They are asking you a question, and it appears on the video that you’re not giving them their due. How do you explain that?

JACKSON-LEE: I’m so glad you said it. It appears on the video. Maybe it’s a doctored video.

(Speaking of doctors, I wonder if Dr. Mayer would stand by Jackson-Lee and cry ‘doctor’? Oh wait, she’s already done that).

After Jackson-Lee rambles on for a few minutes trying to skirt any follow-up to her lie, Sanchez jumps in.

SANCHEZ: Do you think the video was doctored? Do you think the video may have been doctored?

JACKSON-LEE: Let me say this-we who are members of congress, who believe in democracy, are not going to focus on distractions. We’re really going to focus on giving the people the opportunity to express themselves in any way they desire.

SANCHEZ: Well, look at it. I mean, let’s-I’ll tell you what-let’s play it and you tell us if this is you or not you and if we’ve made a mistake by showing video-that may have been doctored-is there anything about this video that isn’t reflective of what happened?

JACKSON-LEE: I know nothing about the video. I know nothing about the video, Rick, and I’m not going to comment on it.

Other than to suggest it’s doctored, that is.

What interesting to me is that she said if anyone was offended, no offense was intended, but then suggests the video was doctored. Why would she have to apologize if the video was not real?

She’s flailing and it shows.

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