Rick Sanchez interviewed Ed Henry, who saw, (gasp), an American with an (double gasp) assault rifle at an Obama town hall event.

I know this might sound a bit strange to some folks, but the people who are open carrying an assault rifle are not the ones you need to be worried about, and for Sanchez to say, “Secret Service is probably looking and this and wondering if this is going to become a trend” is not only naive, but stupid.

I think the Secret Service understands the nature of the threat against the president better than some lefty anchorman in Atlanta. For the record, here’s a look at the gun toting black guy that made Sanchez wet his britches:


Now, about this whole bringing a gun to Obama rallies thing. This isn’t the first time this happened. Another guy was strapped and he made it to MSNBC and made poor Chris Matthews use the Lord’s name in vain:

Poor Chris Matthews. I thought he was going to have a coronary there. Could he be a little more aggressive? Personally, I think he was schooled by protester William Kostric. “Wow. Who would carry an unloaded gun?”

That’s great!

Personally, I’m for it. Express your liberties any way you can, lest you forget them and ultimately lose them. Please notice that these guns have not hurt anyone at these rallies, just soiled some underwear.

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