As I was driving home from church yesterday, I started thinking about this black cat at home my son has named “Dark Night.” I thought it had run off when this stray dog chased all my outside cats away, but just recently he came strutting through the yard past me like he never left. He was a little skittish about me picking him up but he eventually let me and that’s when I noticed a big tick on his ear. After I removed it, I petted him a while longer and then set him down.

So as I am thinking about this cat and this tick, I think, “That tick is kinda like liberalism, sucking as much blood out of that cat as it could.” Leeches came to mind as well, which made me think of Wil Wheaton in Stand By Me. However, I started thinking that parasites aren’t the right category for liberalism.

It definitely isn’t symbiotic. So what is liberalism?

As I drove down Highway 2, I decided that liberalism is like a virus. All it needs is an opening and it’s in. It may be all alone within the system, but then it starts replicating itself and spreading. It might be a “New Deal” but before long, it’s a “Great Society.” Then, as the condition gets worse, you get the antibodies (Republicans) acting like the virus.

Then, before long, the host dies.

There is a no known vaccine. If there was, I’m sure our Framers would have used it. But there is a cure.

An informed, educated and active citizenry.

Now, let’s make more doses of that and start the country down the road to recovery.

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