This Friday I attended the Smart Girl Summit, or #sgs on Twitter, in Nashville, Tenn. I was there with Andrew, Thomas LaDuke and Fingers Malloy and we successfully pulled off our first remote broadcast for the station. While we were happy to be streaming live for the entire day, we were more impressed with the conference as a whole.

Folks, the Smart Girl Summit was not my first rodeo and I want to make it very clear: this was a well done event from top to bottom.

From the moment we arrived Friday morning, the girls were there to help us if we needed anything. They even found a roll of duct tape for us. Yeah, they were that good. Before we even considered having the station up and running, the girls already had breakfast out there. I’m not saying they fixed it, but they had it there. And let me tell you, if they hadn’t, the station might not have been online. Without the mental fog cutting ability of the Starbuck’s coffee served at breakfast, I don’t know if I could have set all the equipment up.

Eventually we had everything in order, took control of the audio stream and were live from Nashville.

While LaDuke, Fingers and I were chatting or playing music, Rebecca Wales was tracking down interviews for us. Every time a speaker would become available, Rebecca would direct them to us. And let me repeat, this was a well done event. The Smart Girl Summit featured some top notch speakers, including Robin Smith, former head of Tennessee’s GOP and current candidate for Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District.

We were also able to interview Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who reassured us that the defunding for ACORN was not a ruse, but something that will go to committee and eventually land on Obama’s desk. She was a great speaker who was able to get the girls loud and on their feet.

Liz Cheney was also there. She spoke to all the girls, but was unable to sit down with us for an interview. I blame the mohawk.

However, we were able to nab an interview with Michelle Malkin. What a great lady!


She was so generous with her time, not only with us, but with every person there. At one point near the end of the interview, there must have been forty people standing around watching. When the interview was over, Michelle stood up, started shaking hands and took pictures with anyone who wanted one. She then went on to give a great speech and answer questions.

Following the day’s speakers and training, the group was treated to a cocktail party where Michelle signed copies of her book, “Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies.” (Click the link and buy one.)

I nabbed two copies. Actually, I just took Andrew’s. But still, I have two and a plan on what to do with the extra copy. That will be announced later.

We were also able to talk with a bunch of different Smart Girls who helped make this event happen. I have a few of the interviews loaded up at the bottom.

Overall, you would never have guessed that this was the first event these girls had organized. It smooth from start to finish, or at least appeared that way.

I stand in awe of Stacy Mott, Teri Christoph, Michelle Moore, Rebecca Wales, Katie Favazza, Tabitha Hale and all the other Smart Girls who had a hand in this.

And if you are not a member of Smart Girl Politics, you should be. Go join now! And if you are one of those rich conservatives, these girls are running on a tight budget. Perhaps you could fix that for them.


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