Printfection is one of the “on-demand” printing services that we use for selling t-shirts and other All American Blogger branded stuff. They recently added drink-ware to the product line and I ordered an All American Blogger logo mug from them.

All American Blogger Coffee Cup

When I got the mug, I was disappointed that the logo was printed wrong. As you can see in the header of this site, our logo is round and resembles the Great Seal of the United States. The logo on the mug was printed as an oval and clearly was not right. I wrote to Printfection to let them know and included a photo of the mug.

Rachel from Printfection wrote me back and was incredibly helpful. She had the mug re-printed and overnighted to me. When the second one showed up wrong, she was right on top of it and got the problem fixed and had a third mug overnighted to me. The third one was perfect.

Because the drink-ware is new to the lineup of products they’re offering it’s understandable that there could be problems. I was glad to be part of helping them get the bugs worked out. Rachel was great to work with, a great public face for the company. After this experience I have no problem recommending Printfection to anyone. Kudos to Rachel and Printfection for the A+ customer service. They’ve got a customer for life.

The mug is beautifully printed. The colors are sharp and bright and the whole thing has a glossy shine to it. For the price it would be hard to beat this kind of quality. Great stuff.

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