I really don’t get it when universities do things like this. Ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich gave a lecture to Northwestern students on ethics and morals.

The students were not forgiving. One said, “the event was akin to inviting Tiger Woods to speak about fidelity.”


Blagojevich spoke to a skeptical student body, who didn’t cut him much slack. They laughed when he plugged his book and drew parallels between his case and the war in Iraq.

Blagojevich won chuckles when he said there was “nothing ethically wrong,” with wanting to meet Sarah Palin.

He was booed when he likened U.S. Senate leaders to southern segregationists for initially not allowing his pick for senator — Roland Burris — into the U.S. Capitol last year.

“Shame,” someone from the crowd shouted.

“You don’t like Burris?” Blagojevich asked.

“No — you,” he responded.

“My friend, I have love in my heart for you,” the ex-governor said.

What is his angle? Does he have some line of thinking that says this type of thing will help with his trial in June? Does he hope to win some public affairs coup and rebuild his tarnished reputation?

Or is there something else he’s up to?

Of course, he could just be a narcissistic boob who wants, nay needs the attention.

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