Passenger Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine Near Russian Border

Sky News is reporting that a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 passenger airliner has been shot down near the Ukrainian / Russian border. There were reportedly 195 on board the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala […]

Obama on Iraq: #WrongAgain (Video)

Just, watch:

Elections have consequences.

Chicago’s New Gun Store Law Prohibits Stores “In 99.5 Percent of the City”

They were forced to allow the stores in the city, so they opened up a whole half a percent of it to sales.

It will soon be the safest half percent of Chicago:
During their discussions, aldermen and […]

EPA Says It Can’t Produce Docs Congress Wants Due To Hard Drive Crash

Where is the federal government buying their hard drives?

Son Shoots Mom’s Drunk, Hammer Wielding Boyfriend

Lives like this guy and his mom:

Police say Tony Hardin was in the middle of a heated argument with his live-in girlfriend and her adult son. They say a drunk Hardin ran after the two […]

Why Was Homeland Security Hiring 65,000 “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children” in January?

There are thousands of children flooding across the southern border. On June 2nd, the Washington Times said there were 60,000 unaccompanied children expected to try to cross the border, just this year.

On June 6, the […]

Irony: Bill Clinton Says Hillary Not Out of Touch With “The Ordinary People” – Wait, What?

No, she’s not out of touch at all:

In an interview with NBC’s David Gregory as part of the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting in Denver, Bill Clinton pushed back against calls that Hillary Clinton doesn’t […]

Kerry: “We had no idea Iraq might explode like this.” Intelligence: “Uh, we’ve been warning you about this for months.” (Video)

Is it possible that once, just once, these people might try telling the truth?

I didn’t think so:

The U.S. intelligence community provided “multiple strategic warnings” since the beginning of the year about the strength of Sunni […]

CNN Mocks Hillary’s Assertion that Bill and Her Aren’t “Truly Well Off” (Video)

This has to be part of a deliberate effort to make Hillary look more like an everyday, blue collar American than an elitist.

It’s just failing horribly:

CNN anchors mocked Hillary Clinton’s published remarks Monday that she […]

Behold the Oppressive Face of Government Arrogance

Soopermexican posted this video of Rep. Trey Gowdy, a very good prosecutor, educating the current IRS Commissioner What’s His Face regarding matters of legality and justice.  It’s a staggering takedown, and worth watching.

Here’s the video:

While […]